Morgan County Targeted Case Management


To improve and enhance the lives of children and adult persons with developmental disabilities residing in Morgan County.

What Case Management Services from MCTCM Can Do for You

MCTCM provides Case Management services to those individuals residing in Morgan County who are determined eligible for TCM services through the Central Missouri Regional Office.  The job of the Case Manager is not to do for the person, but to assist in developing relationships with natural supports, link individuals to resources and create opportunities.  An Individual Support Plan is developed, with input from parents, guardians, teachers and others, that outlines the goals of the individual for the year.   The Case Manager works to facilitate the planning process and ensure critical elements are put into place per state and federal guidelines.  The Case Manager also works to gather resources for the person and serves as an advocate when individuals need support with other agencies, schools and services. 

The Plan will include a brief description of the individual and their abilities and an Action Plan that includes desired outcomes and the goals(steps) necessary to reach them.

Additionally, when an individual receives paid supports that are contracted through the Department of Mental Health, the Case Manager will monitor those services.  

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Who is Eligibile for Services?

Morgan County residents and families who have members with a developmental disability such as autism, cerebral palsy, congenital disabilities, down syndrome, epilepsy (and other seizure disorders), and intellectual disabilities are eligible for services.


A referral for services can be made by contacting the Central Missouri Regional Office at 573-441-6278, request to speak with an intake coordinator.

They will complete an initial evaluation over the phone.  If you are determined to be eligible for services, they will proceed by sending an application packet to you or schedule a time to assist you in completing the packet (if requested).


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About Us

The Morgan County SB40 Board for the Developmentally Disabled was established in 1978 after Morgan County voters approved a property tax levy of 5 cents per $100 of assessed valuation designed to provide expansion of the Quality Industries Sheltered Workshop and also assist with additional services as needed for all persons who have a developmental disability residing in Morgan County.  

This tax levy is guided by state enabling legislation commonly know as the "Senate Bill 40" ("SB40") statute (Sections 205.968-205.972 RSMo).